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140701 Hong Kong Dome Festival NamuHoyaHeart


Q: When does your fan club, Inspirit, seems the most beautiful?

New group “INFINITE Power” forms through “My Lovely Girl” drama



"INFINITE Power", an idol group specially formed for SBS drama "My Lovely Girl", reveals a jacket photo and concert poster!

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140607 KBS Music Bank in Brazil | KYUtizen

Do you know where I can find a gif of Sungyeol winking? I feel like there isn't any out there. :( — Anonymous




So, I decided to do a little giveaway.

Whats there to win?

One copy of my bachelor thesis book.It’s a picture book about different regions in Germany and their specific flora & fauna. 21x21 cm,42 pages.texts are in german(and I have to admit that the binding is not perfect,you can see me rant about it here )

Rules and Conditions

-runs from 10th July - 11th August 2014

-like and reblog to enter

-I’ll ship international(and will also pay the postage)

-You should have your askbox open so I can contact you

-winner is picked with a random number generator(if I find one until then ;) )

-(I will probably also sell a few copies,I’ll post more about this next week,when I have more time)

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Cuz you're my destiny
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shin woohyun being boyfriend material protective over lee seulbi


140803 Jongno Fansign 명수 이 포즈…